Happening NOW

Feeding Hay


We begin night feeding cows about this time of year in hopes that it helps them calve in the daylight hours.  Research does show there are benefits.  Anything to make calving easier!

Supplementing Alfalfa (aka ICE CREAM)


There's always that one kid pushing his way in the front of the line to get more than his fair share!

Public Speaking


Shanon and Melinda recently had the opportunity to share about the ranch to a group in Chadron, NE.

Winter Moves


We couldn't have asked for a better morning to move cows!



The other morning, as we were checking on critters in the corral, 22 bull elk filed by our calving barn.  And they weren't concerned with us in the least!



Kagan and Jentry both have Supreme Heifer projects.  In order for the heifers to be bred at fair at the end of July, we have to calve them in February.  Thankfully all went well!