Livestock Sales

FOR SALE at Torrington Livestock Markets

20 Angus x Simmental x Gelbvieh Cows, Mx Ages, CF: May 1 for 60 days
Bred to SimAngus, Balancer, and Sims Cattle Company Bulls

Torrington Livestock Markets

We will have steer calves for sale on Cattle Country Video in September of 2019!  Meet us in Torrington, WY for the sale!

We will also be periodically offering our late calving cows for sale.  These are June calvers that would do amazing in any climate

Cattle Country Video

An example of a previous lot of Sims Cattle Company Steers:

Lot 9045 Sims Cattle Co LLC 300 Steer Calves Base Wt. 460 Slide:25¢ off @ base weight.
Frame: Med-Large Flesh Med
Breed: 95% Black; 5% Red; Ang Composite cows; AI Sires: Goodnight, Dual Focus & Carolina Rockin bulls;
Location: Sims Ranch; 45 mi NW of Laramie, WY Origin: Ranch Raised Delivered: 10/23/2015 to 10/27/2015
Feed: On cows, native pasture & chelated mineral
Shots Birth: Ultra Choice 7; Branding: Ultra Choice 7, Inforce 3, One Shot; Pre-Cond: BoviShield One Shot: Ralgro
Other Info: Weigh Up: Early AM gather, sort off cows, weigh on the ground w/a 2%, sort for loads Comments:
Fancy jet Black strs. Top end of 330 hd. Run at 7,200'. Lots of genetics & many repeat buyers.
Rep: Torrington L/S Michael Schmitt (307) 532-1776