Our Story

Sims Cattle Company is a family owned and operated business located in the nearly pristine Rock Creek Valley of southeast Wyoming.  There have been 5 generations of Sims' living on this land!  The ranch runs around 700 head of Angus/Simmental/Gelbvieh cross bred cows and 300 yearlings on 26,000 acres of mostly upland pasture.

We only have one crop to harvest, sunlight.  All of our animals are simply a vehicle that allows us to market our crop by taking an unusable protein source to humans (forage grown with sunlight) and turning it into edible meat. Because sunlight transformed into forage is our only profit driver, the health of our resources are critical to the success of the operation.  Much of our management is guided by Allan Savory's decision making process, including high intensity-short duration grazing. We currently have over 140 pastures that cattle are rotated through from 1 to 14 days at a time.  Our pastures are only grazed once per growing season, with some pastures receiving as much as 800 days of rest between grazing events.

Cattle graze pasture for approximately 6 months of the year, feed on windrowed hay for 4 months, and are fed hay for only 2 months.  At an elevation of 7,200 feet, our winters can be long and harsh.  We have implemented the practice of feeding windrowed hay to not only give our cows an extended grazing season without the cost of feeding hay with a tractor, but to more efficiently spread the natural fertilizers cows offer.  The hay that is stacked for feeding during our calving season, right before spring green-up, is put up in round bales.  We have chosen to hire a hay crew to make these bales for us so that we are not investing in machinery.  This not only reduces our labor requirements, but it significantly reduces our fuel requirements. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a business that is appealing to our kids, grandkids, and many generations to come! Our decisions are tested against this goal every day to ensure that our operation remains environmentally regenerative and economically sustainable in an ever changing marketplace!  Thanks for your interest!