Holistic Goal


What is Holistic Management?

 In a nutshell, Holistic Management is a framework for making decisions created by Allan Savory that begins with defining the whole, setting a Holistic Goal, utilizing a testing process, a planning process, and a feedback loop to bring meaning to our lives. 


Why do we manage holistically?

 According to Ann Adams, author of At Home with Holistic Management, holism is the idea that the universe consists of wholes that we cannot understand or engage with effectively if viewed in isolation, or as parts.  We can't effectively manage our livestock if we don't also take into consideration the natural resources our livestock affect and use. We can't manage our business to our fullest potential without considering the people who make having this business possible, and so forth.  


How do we begin to manage holistically?

 First, we must define our Holistic Goal that addresses our desires for our quality of life, our outcomes of production, and our recognition of our future resource base.  We then define what our whole consists of, including financial resources, human resources, and land resources.  We also include the four ecosystem processes of water cycle, energy flow, community, and mineral cycle in every decision we make. 

SCC LLC Holistic Goal


We at Sims Cattle Company appreciate living in wide open spaces, freedom and space in the outdoors, and easy access to the mountains  We enjoy beautiful scenery and wildlife.  We appreciate living in a small, isolated, rural community where we are not surrounded by people, yet have nearby cultural opportunities for ourselves and the kids.

We strive to improve our local community by showing and promoting school pride and secure activities for kids and adults, along with raising productive members of society.  We will support local trade centers and services such as wi-fi, recycling, heath care, and good dining.

We strive to improve people's knowledge about our business through our daily activities and practices, leadership of clubs, committees, and community organizations.

By helping neighbors who care about and understand our family and business, and by being there when needed, we utilize a network of mentors, for our benefit and theirs, maintaining great neighbor relationships and showing pride in our "Cowboy State."

We strive to take care of the land, with its weather, beauty, isolation, and recreation.  We strive to live independently and to follow our passion; with power of choice, faith in States rights, and freedom from excessive regulation.

We appreciate the freedom to be able to choose our profession, while showing our kids a fun and rewarding work experience.  We are truly blessed to be able to work in a family business that gives us a voice to make our own decisions.  Sims Cattle Company offers a variety of work, including handling livestock and converting sunlight to protein, in pursuit of creating productive land, and financial and career stability.  We love our healthy, dependable, trusting, trustworthy, fun, caring, and accepting spouses and family.  We appreciate our active, healthy, happy and productive lifestyle.

We strive to practice: Honesty, respect, integrity, trust, fairness, tolerance, work ethic, self-worth, and appreciation of each other and individual faiths.

We strive for family unity, strength, and productiveness by seeking input form all members and encouraging freedom in creativity.

The Members of Sims Cattle Company strive to be open and respectful of their ideas and methods and show appreciation for outside input.  We will do this by listening and taking turns, and allowing others to learn, finish their thoughts, and do their jobs.  "Silence is Golden."  When defining a job, we will set a timeline and hold each other accountable; always scheduling free time and practicing letting go of all guilt.  

The outcomes of production for Sims Cattle Company are that we:

1.  Manage our resources in such a way that inspires others.

2.  Produce high quality, healthy livestock adapted to our climate and use low-stress handling techniques.

3.  Produce a product (grass or livestock) that we are proud of yet continuously looking to improve.

4.  We design the profit from our business by using this formula:

             INCOME - PLANNED PROFIT (15% of total income adjusted annually) = EXPENSES

In order to achieve the planned profit, we have jointly created our Holistic goal.  We all take ownership in our ever improving business by involving all members in planning, being creative, brainstorming, embracing conflict, listening, communicating, and understanding and embracing our roles.

We are dedicated and passionate about our business and family.  We strive to create happy team members, healthy relationships, a smooth operation, and a largely reduced work load.

Sims Cattle Company strives to encourage healthy, properly functioning landscapes.  On our range land we are striving for 80% ground cover, litter and dung breaking down and returning to the soil in 1 to 2 years, and forming enough litter #2 to cover 25% of the soil.  We expect to see an abundant amount and diversity of micro- and macro-organisms.  We will encourage healthy plants and soils capable of capturing 100% of precipitation and 50% of sunlight.

On our irrigated pasture we are striving for 100% ground cover, litter and dung breaking down in less that 1 year, and forming enough litter #2 to cover 100% of the soil.  We will encourage healthy plants and soils capable of capturing 100% of precipitation and 100% of sunlight.

On our riparian areas we are striving for 100% ground cover, litter and dung breaking down in less than 1 year, and forming enough litter #2 to cover 100% of the soil.  We will encourage healthy plants and soils capable of capturing 100% of the precipitation and 100% of the sunlight.

We are dedicated to maintaining our buildings and infrastructures in a well-functioning and aesthetically pleasing form.  We have created a well thought out and tested land plan.

We strive for our perennial streams to be clear and in a stable stage of succession with abundant aquatic life (both micro- and macro-organisms).  The grazing is well-managed to provide a habitat for wildlife.  Through  our management we encourage stable banks in our intermittent and ephemeral streams by reducing erosion and encouraging plant growth.